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Our passionate and capable staff of Arborists are committed to continuous personal growth and development.  We learn through regular training to ensure that we are on the cutting edge of industry knowledge, techniques and equipment.

We maintain the safety standards of the Ontario Health and Safety Act and the Ministry of Workplace Safety. The entire team is covered by WSIB.
With an ongoing commitment to the safety of our customers and team we are proud to serve our community.

Fully insured with liability insurance up to $2,000,000 and can extend if needed.

What Areas Do You Service?

We are based on Eagle Lake, Ontario in Frontenac County North of Kingston.
We work from Kingston to Perth and everywhere in-between.
Our focus and passion is to work closely within our community.
If you're not sure, call or email and we will gladly discuss your location and needs.

Are Dead Trees Like Fine Wine?

NO! Quite the opposite.
Dead trees do not get better with age. In fact, they become increasingly more dangerous with every day that passes. They become brittle, unstable, unpredictable and dangerous.
They become difficult to climb, take-down, control and remove safely.
They are a danger and hazard to the property owner and occupants.

Please take action as soon as you know the tree is dead or on its way.  It will be cheaper and much safer than waiting.

Who Is Responsible For Hydro Line Issues?

It Depends - 
Most people don't know that property owners are responsible for the maintenance and a clear path for secondary power lines on their property from the transformer point.
Only service to the transformer is maintained by Hydro One (usually from the road to the first pole on your property)
Please review this link to review land owner obligations from our local Hydro company.
hydro link
Therefore, if a tree on your property disrupts your power, you may bear the cost of repair.
We can help with preventative maintenance and ensure continued uninterrupted power service.

Please call us for a free consultation.

Is Tree Removal Dangerous?

Tree maintenance and removal is more dangerous than it looks!
Trees are unpredictable, unique and dangerous!
The Arborist field is one of the Top 10 most dangerous jobs in North America.
Tree failures, lack of training, faulty and dangerous equipment are just a few hazards that have a deadly effect.
Leave it to the professionals.
There are thousands of videos on YouTube with amateurs being injured or worse taking down their own trees.

Be safe.
Please do not attempt this yourself!

How Does Pricing Work?

Arborists typically price a job based on several factors, including the type and size of the tree(s), the complexity of the job, the amount of equipment and personnel required, and the time it will take to complete the work.

First, the arborist will typically conduct an assessment of the tree or trees in question, taking into consideration their size, species, condition, and location. They may also assess any potential hazards or obstacles that could impact the job, such as power lines, buildings, or other trees.

In some cases, additional fees may apply for services such as stump grinding or debris removal. The arborist may also factor in any permits or special equipment that may be required to complete the job.

Ultimately, the price of the job will depend on a number of different factors, and it is important to obtain a detailed quote from the arborist before proceeding with any work. This will help to ensure that there are no surprises or unexpected costs down the line, and that the job is completed safely and efficiently.
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